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Compliance Audit Mobile App and Portal.
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ClientCat-Si Compliance Tools


  • Create an enterprise level service solution for water hygiene compliance
  • Mobile app to be compatible with IOS and Android
  • Required to work in both offline and online modes
  • Provide a feature rich, cloud-based admin and client portal
  • Streamline paper and digital business processes
  • Design product brand 



  • Single code base for IOS and Android using Ionic framework
  • Agile development process to help define and refine user journey
  • Cloud-based admin and client portal
  • Optimised and secure two-way sync between app and portal
  • Digital signature-capture, GPS and time stamps
  • Fully configurable asset lists, completion steps and risk ratings
  • Instant access to key metrics, reports and certificates
  • API for future white-labelling strategy



  • One-stop asset management and compliance monitoring
  • Paperless secure document and report management
  • Ensures traceability, accuracy and improves productivity
  • Significant cost savings via a centralised,  digital work flow
  • Increased efficiency and quality of data collection


CAT-SI has performed impressively during field testing, proving to be a simple but highly effective way of managing bulk risk assessment and monitoring tasks.”

Robert Dollimore, Compliance for Landlords

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