‘Brand’ is the visual, emotional, rational and cultural image associated with a company or a product. When you think Volvo, you might think safety. When you think Apple, you might think creativity. The fact that consumers remember a brand name and have positive associations with it makes product selection easier and enhances the value and satisfaction they get from it.

Brand development is much more than just logo design. We offer a comprehensive service from brand name and positioning statement analysis to establishing your brand’s values and key purchase factors with tangible and emotional benefits (brand associations). These include:

  • Brand naming
  • URL research and registration
  • Positioning statement and value definition
  • Logo design and graphic development
  • Corporate Identity documentation
  • Tone of voice and brand communications

branding in brief

  • Define and communicate your organisational values
  • Create key purchase factors and positive brand associations
  • Improve the perception and value of your product and service
  • Nurture and manage your greatest asset
branding icon
A memorable and coherent visual identity can help to communicate your brand values, create a positive emotional response and shape key purchase factors.

latest branding work

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