Content Management Systems (CMS)

The strength of online media lies in its incredibly dynamic and ever-changing nature. Even if a website is simply ‘brochure-ware’, your ability to build an online community will significantly diminish unless you provide fresh, relevant and accurate information. And with the advent of off-the-shelf, cost-effective content managed systems, the ability to edit the content of a website is now very much the norm for site owners.

What CMS solution is right for you?

Faced with a myriad of CMS platforms and technologies how do you know which one is right for your business? Should you opt for an off-the-shelf, ubiquitous product such as WordPress, or go for a solution tailored to more exacting requirements? As the answer usually involves examining a mixture of factors such as project budget and specification, our consultative approach means we can help advise to ensure your decision is both informed and appropriate.

Many of our clients have chosen our own CMS platform – “SiteCraft’. Built using the Enterprise Level Microsoft .Net Framework, this offers the user a simple, intuitive interface to control the content of a site without the risk of upsetting key design elements and pre-determined styles. Crucially our users don’t need any knowledge of HTML so only require minimal training to get up and running.


  • Manage website content in-house
  • Publish pages quicker
  • Reduce long-term outsource costs
  • Integration with leading off-the-shelf platforms
  • Fully bespoke options to suit more exacting needs


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Take greater control with our wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke content management solutions.

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