Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing (MVT) is a powerful tool that when carried out correctly provides invaluable insights that create an uplift in the performance of a given website objective. Our experience of UX design underpins the process as it enables us to create practical test ideas based on elements that clearly influence user behaviour.

MVT in brief

  • Evaluates aspects within a single web page, such as button colour, language, image, etc.
  • Sometimes widened to incorporate comparisons for entire pages designs (A/B/C testing)
  • An integral part of our Conversion Rate Optimisation process

How Multivariate Testing works

We deploy a wide range of tracking and testing tools but generally the process follows a familiar pattern:

  • Ensure existing analytics are up to the job
  • Identity and prioritise
  • Plan program in relation to visitor numbers
  • Test carefully thought-out variations in lower numbers
  • Test, learn, iterate and test again

An essential tool

Taken on it’s own, or as part or a wider Conversion Rate Optimisation or User Experience exercise, Multivariate Testing is an essential tool when maximising the performance of your website.


Use actual visitor data to test the outcome of varying website elements.

latest work

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desktop website design
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