Web Analytics

Undertaking website traffic analysis and correctly interpreting statistics is crucial to any online marketing strategy. The resulting data not only shows overall visitor volumes, but also reveals more crucial information about a website such as how people found it, how they interacted with it, what they bought or downloaded.

Web Analytics in brief

  • Measurement and analysis of on-site visitor behaviour
  • Set up goal conversion paths and identify user journeys
  • Track campaign performance
  • Monitor search engine penetration

The power of Google Analytics

We set up and install Google Analytics on all websites as standard. It’s now become the industry de facto analytics package designed with marketers in mind. It can track site visits, conversions and ecommerce transactions to an extremely detailed and granular level.

But even if your traffic analytics package is up to the task, how do you interpret the data correctly to make those informed decisions? We can help unlock the secrets by developing an on-going and planned approach to evaluation. We can even give your internal teams the necessary training and skills to take the job on themselves.


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Track, measure and evaluate what visitors are doing on your website.

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